Terms Of Services

since 8pawstarantulas believe in the passion and true love for these animals, it is very important for us that the customer is satisfy with its purchase. Our goal is in fact to spread the interest for this hobby and that's why we are available to meet your request within the limits of our possibilities, feel free to email us.

Online Order

We ship In the whole U.S. continent, in Alaska from May to September if weather permits it. We do not ship outside the United States. The minimum online order is $ 50.00, this includes the cost of products only (promo/coupons excluded), not the cost of shipping. We only ship with FedEX Priority Overnight which allows the costumer to receive its package almost everywhere in the US the morning after the shipping (Usually Thursday morning). The shipping cost is $ 50.00Any changes or cancellation can be notified at info@8pawstarantulas.com. Notifications can be accepted by 12:00 AM EST the day before shipping. We cannot cancel or change an order on the day of the shipping.

Refunds requested without due cause will be made excluding bank charges.

The packages are send out for delivery on Wednesday to guarantee next day delivery unless the weather changes or a different date is requested. Orders placed Wednesday through Monday in most cases will be assigned to the next Wednesday. Please make sure to be available to sign for your order on Thursday. If you are picking up your order at a FedEx center, it is very important to have a valid ID with you.

You will receive an email and/or a text message the day before shipping, please make sure to confirm by the end of the day that you will be able to receive the package.

By agreeing to these terms at checkout, you are indicating that you are 18 years of age or older.

Live Arrival Guarantee

We apply the live arrival guarantee on all animals shipped on a Next Day Delivery. This is void if no one is present to receive and sign for the package (even if the carrier is later or earlier than the time given to you.) or if the package is delayed due to any reason caused by the customer. Any delays in transit caused by the couriers will not affect the live arrival guarantee. If the destination is a FedEx center, make sure to be able to pick up your package within 2 hours of delivery.

After the delivery, try to unpack the spiders as soon after your package arrives and make sure to prepare its enclosure before unpacking it. Small spiders are extremely delicate and unpacking can be fatal, the best way is to let the spider come out on it own.  If after the unpacking your tarantula is not moving do not assume it is dead, it may be molting or simply stressed from the trip and it should be left alone for at least 30 minutes to see if there are any changes, but make sure to let us know keeping us posted via email or on Facebook/Instagram.

On the unlikely event of any DOAs (Dead On arrival) the costumer must notify it within 2 hours of delivery to claim a refund, after this period all claims are null and void. We require full color pictures the same day to back up your claim.  We may request that they be shipped back to us at our expense. After the inspection we will either replace it on your next order if still available or refund of the same value without the shipping cost, whichever is preferred by the buyer.

General Terms And Conditions

  1. Sizes may vary up to 1/2" as spider lings from the same cocoon can grow at a different speed, also the measures are not updated every month.

  2. The photos on products may not be the exact specimen you will receive, it will be however the same species.

  3. Our tarantulas for sale are listed as "♀" for females and as "♂" for males, if not yet sexed they are listed as "US" (Unsexed).

  4. Prices are for single specimen unless otherwise stated (x5pcs, x10pcs etc)

  5. We reserve the right to refuse any order at our discretion, in this case you will be contacted by email.

  6. We reserve the right to change prices on the website without prior notice.

  7. We reserve the right to anticipate or postpone shipping to ensure the safe delivery of the animals, in this case you will be contacted to arrange the best day for you to receive your package..